Lets get everybody posting. Here is a little assignment, a simple idea.
Part One : What's wrong with the world? (or if youd like to word it, what's not right)

A piece of "Art" that lends itself to the possibilities of being duplicated as a belt buckle is not right!

07-06-11-1 Damien Hirst - For the Love of God
damien-hirst belt

and i can not resist posting two for this "assignment". This one is accompanied by a quote from Kant...

"There is only one kind of ugliness which cannot be represented in accordance with nature without destroying all aesthetic satisfaction, and consequently artificial beauty - that which excites disgust. for in this singular sensation, which rests on mere imagination, the object is represented as if it were obtruding itself for our enjoyment, while we strive against it with all our might. And the artistic representation of the object is no longer distinguished from the nature of the object itself in our sensation, and thus it is impossible that it can be regarded as beautiful."

Jenny Saville is not right!

Jenny Saville


  1. well the jenny sevilla is a painting and as a painting is subject to a different set of ontological requirements. The Damien Hirst ontology is subsistence to the avante- guard model, or in regular people lingo, the Hirst skull has to do with the status of "Art" and the Sevilla has to do with "painting" or "art".
    Painting can exist in such a realm as Kant put" that excites" with disgust. But the Hirst skull has to with general perception of reality, or the redundant age old post modernist question " What is art?"
    Which in my opinion is childish, because you know when you see it. Take the hypothetical of a beautiful "other" (which ever sexual orientation which pertains to you the reader of this comment), you know ontologically that this is beautiful. And this can be either way, you could reads and "others" value in the subjective as well. So, one can in the same sense realize beauty from a superficial (which can be for some people is difficult), as obtain beauty from the subjective which be the "other" story or circumstances(Rob G.). But when both are in synchronized an understanding of something "great"surmounts.
    I know, I am still just a poor nigger with no education. I am dyslexic and I can read good, so don't trust what I say. Because I am a hopeless romantic, which suggest plunging forward regardless of is perceived.

  2. "I know, I am still just a poor nigger with no education."
    What is the point of saying this? stop smoking so much weed and stop thinking about yourself so much. I dont know if im suppose to find that funny or not? What is your point with this comment? Yes, i agree, they cannot be considered against one another, but that wasn't what i really had in mind. I don't care if there are books about these two, that is no justification, well, it is a useless justification because i find the two downright pathetic. Yes, the question is childish, thats exactly why if an artist has in his mind the notion to bring that question to light by some perception that it is "always in fashion" than i argue that very intention is so down right lazy and hustle-bent that it is just NOT RIGHT! and by that, i mean, it is damaging in its potential influence to others and in the attention and "credibility" it is given.

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  4. but the pieces of work in question, will via there existence prove there "credibility".
    that is what im on about, the facts of the situation will truly determine the "real" outcome of these works.
    historians, cultural elites,critics, and most importantly the vice magazine (this last one is a joke) will battle in time over how these works will be factually represented.
    there clausal influence is of no significance, like i was trying to say people can smell bullshit, and sometimes bullshit sneaks through just to remind us that there is such a thing, but like what can be said about trends they will die. And no one will come to its funeral, because they lived bullshit.
    Damian Hirst was recorded as saying " I make art about what it is to be alive right now"
    which was not a false statement, right now the bullshit is on full parade. I saw this when cocaine became popular again, cocaine is a fashionable drug, because the trend takes its toll.

    the nigger thing, is just because i got keep shit entertaining, and get to you all like "austin what the fuck, stop smoking so much weed."
    Obama = President
    Racism = Over
    Nigger= dumb person of any ethnicity
    Difference= non-existent
    intolerance= tolerance
    New York times = Truth
    Liberals= Conservatives