Old microsoft word documents.

The worst thing ever.

• A fat woman drinks Bud Light.
• Lays her baby next to her on the waterbed.
• Passes out drunk.
• Rolls over on the baby.
• Crushes the baby.
• The fat lady wakes up late for work and bolts out the door.
• The baby was killed.
• The fat beast woman got fired from work.
• At the baby funeral, the fat woman burped out loud and cried like a baby.
• She died on her waterbed like a thirsty beached whale.

Your mama is fat you shop at Pacific Sunwear.

There is a group of men who cant get boners anymore. They all look like Chevy Chase. They have their shirts tucked in, but they aint wearing Belts!

They were riding golf carts into the grand canyon.
There is a group of butted up elderly women wearing cat in the hats. They were waiting in line at Cedar Point.
The sun is melting them. They got too hot and took the old time train to Soak City and then they went on Snake River Falls.

***Danny was a brushfire, but he wanted to be an icon. He collected diamonds. He would rub shit all over them and then throw them at people. People would praise him. They would wipe the shit off the diamonds and then wear them around their necks.

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter were rolling on XTC.

-we have to dance right now!
-its too cold and I am pissed!
(They started to dry hump)
- You need to get a job!
- I have tried.
- Well staples needs stockboys.
- They said I was too fat.
- Well have you been doing your homework?
- Yes
- How did you do on your midterm?
- I failed.
- You are a stupid.
- I drink Budweiser Select
- Whatever, do you like my rave pants?
- Yeah they are nice.

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  1. Mother Nature and Old man winter are the ish.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!